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I call my self " a house missionary". When I arrived NYC, I didn't know how to rent a small apt at

Mission for the house karma

I call my self as " a house missionary"......When I arrived NYC, I didn't know how to rent a small apt. Karma found me a studio apt in East Village, I started a new life.  From a studio with a room mate to one bed room, and I could bought a luxury condo in Upper East Side. Than dream weekend home in Cold Spring, NY......... paid 2 mortgages same time....Hew....^^...............I went though all....


I Like to Share my experience, I did it!

I did it! Why not you?!!

The first thing is will power and a dream. And you need to meet the right person who can guide you step by step. I saw many people made a mistake, All money goes to the house, no money left for the quality of life. Stress for the mortgage payment. You need outsider to look your plan and reality.


Many people came with doubt

I will listen your dream, plan, financial situation and life style. Many people came with doubt.....but at the first meeting...they found the blue sky. I can guide you step by step with good wisdom. Many people made their dreams and gave me a wonderful reviews. That is my joy and rewards.